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Was ist flexeal?

flexeal is a self-adhesive, reusable, flexible strip that is used to better fix a mouth-nose covering, thereby increasing protection.

Why flexeal?

Why you should use flexeal and the advantages it offers.

Warum flexeal?
Better protection

The improved sealing of the mouth and nose cover increases the protection. Using several strips around the mouth and nose cover can help increase the protection even further.

Stops glasses from steaming up

When using flexeal together with a mouth and nose cover, warm air can no longer rise up to the glasses, preventing them from steaming up.

High comfort

The conventional fastening behind the head or ears can be eliminated by using a flexeal strip on the top and one on the bottom of the mouth and nose cover. As an added bonus, your mask won't be able to slip down anymore.


The flexeal strip can be reused several times. When buying the corresponding mask, flexeal can be folded into this when not in use which can further increase its durability. 


To further increase the usability of a flexeal strip, simply hand wash it with water and let it air dry.


The strip is self-adhesive and can easily be attached to any mask.

Customer Reviews

"First time I find it bearable wearing a mask."

Dame Jane Campion


Where to buy flexeal?

You want to purchase flexeal?

Feel free to contact us with your name and your request in the contact form!

We will answer you as soon as possible!

Wo ist flexeal erhätlich?

Instructions and further Information

Here you will find further information such as a video tutorial on the correct use of the flexeal strips as well as instructions for use and care.

Please note: The strips have not yet been tested for safety in terms of skin compatibility/mucous membrane irritation etc., therefore, use at your own risk. However, no side effects have been reported so far.

Please keep out of the reach of children.

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